Who’s the man behind PRESS?

Hi Friends,

My name is Dan Sheahan.  I am the co-owner of PRESS and this is my first blog, hello cyberspace! My true passion is in men’s grooming.  I’d like to thank our loyal guests for your business and referrals.  And a bigger thanks to our talented team of hairdressers – who’ve served over 25,000 guests.  

I want to share a brief introduction about my background and how I’ve contributed to the inception of PRESS Men’s Hair Salon.

I’m an ordinary man with a secret obsession for men’s grooming services and products. Growing up with a father who’s the epitome of the metro man of his time, he has permanently rubbed off on me.  I have vivid memories of my dad prepping me for school each morning.  Parting my hair perfectly and caking on the hairspray and other unknown products.  I will admit, he has forever set the standard and made a metro man out of me.  Since the days of puberty, I tried so many products, looking to find the one that best fits my needs. Let’s just say I’m still searching.  Thanks a lot dad!

Growing up in St. Louis, I spent the first years of my childhood shooting hoops and playing street hockey. In high school, I moved to Arizona and eventually attended Arizona State University, majoring in Broadcast Journalism. My dream was to become an ESPN Sports Anchor.  As luck would have it, that dream took a minor detour.  After college, I returned home and started a finance career at Boeing, an aerospace company that instilled in me a new passion for airplanes (that’s a whole story in itself).  A few years later, I returned to school and received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Webster University.  Summer of 2008, I accepted a relocation package too good to turn down and took the leap of faith towards Southern California.  After a few years of living at the beach, I met love of my life -Vaan.   Now I’m a proud husband and father of two beautiful girls.

I believe that my obsession for men’s grooming combined with Vaan’s superior hair-cutting expertise, education and artistic background makes us a great team.  I love Southern California, my family and PRESS.  I’m definitely here to stay. We truly appreciate your business- thank you! 

 I look forward to checking-in, connecting with you and sharing more about us-



Dan Sheahan, MBA

PRESS Men’s Hair Salon