Donate Your Clothes: Celebrating Earth Day, everyday!

  In honor of Earth Day we are currently hosting a clothing drive.  We would like to invite you to bring in your gently worn clothing to our Donation Box at PRESS Men’s Hair. For this clothing drive, we are accepting clothing from all genders.  So please go ahead and pass the word to your […]

Barbershop Vs. Salons

Marina Scissors over Comb Men's Hair Cutting

Hello & welcome to PRESS Men’s Hair,   Barbershop Vs. Hair Salon: What’s The Difference? When we think of a Barbershop and a Hair Salon, most would immediately think men vs. women.     This is not true because both places serve both men and women.  So what then is the difference? Here’s my take […]

Asian Hair: How To Get The Style You Want

Men’s Asian Hair: 3 Solutions On How To Get Different Hairstyles   My obsession for Asian men’s hair continues.  Let’s face it, with distinct characteristics, Asian hair has limitations and styles are restricted.  When I say Asian hair, I am actually referring to anyone with bone-straight, rigid and disobedient hair.  Because the hair has no […]

Selfie With Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban

Hello PRESS Friends, What would you do if you met Mark Cuban? Among many of our young professional male guests who visit PRESS Men’s Hair Salon on a monthly basis, Anthony Bayer certainly stands out from the crowd. Anthony, a natural born entrepenuer who runs his thriving business just from flipping open a laptop.   His […]


Hello PRESS Friends!   WHAT IF WASHING YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY IS BAD FOR YOU. AND SKIPPING A SHAMPOO CAN SAVE YOU 10% ON YOUR NEXT HAIRCUT? It’s undeniable that I love California and it is heart breaking to know that for the past few years it has faced its most severe drought. For this reason, […]