Meet Elysa, PRESS Men’s Hair Stylist and Bumble & Bumble Network Educator.

  Hello PRESS Friends, I am beyond excited to finally have the chance to brag (just a little bit) about Elysa.  She is one of our top hairstylist, newest Bumble and bumble Network Educator and soon-to-be Salon Educator.  She is one of the best men’s hairstylist I know. Being from Albuquerque, New Mexico, she has […]

Product Spotlight – Bb’s Curl Line

Calling all Curls!   Whether you’ve got waves and ripples, or tight coils and corkscrews, PRESS has your curls covered. As the only Bumble and bumble all-men’s salon in the entire California area, we figured we would treat you to an inside scoop on our newest toys – the Bb Curl Line. Entirely Sulfate, Alcohol, […]

INVASION of Bumble and bumble.

I’ve always believed in a higher level of education. It strengthens memory muscle (our brain) and challenges us to ‘think’ and better ourselves and our skills. For this reason, we never hesitate at the opportunity to learn new hairstyles and techniques. In fact, we seek out for the slightest chance to improve and grow. All […]

Curls Are Cool: 5 Quick Tips from Vaan

Hello PRESS friends! Lately I’ve been extremely attracted to a unique hair texture – unruly curlicues. Today, Alex, who was referred to me by his co-worker, came in for some help from PRESS. He has the typical head of curls that is disobedient and frizzy. Yep, I thoroughly enjoyed fixing him up. To help all […]