Key to Happiness

  Hello PRESS Friends, My client Hector and I were discussing the great question, “What really gives us happiness in life?” Is it money? Fame?

cow lick press mens hair
How to Deal with Cowlicks

Hello PRESS Friends, Today I thought I would talk about something a lot of our clients worry about…But they don’t need to!! A cowlick is

How to Prevent Hair Loss Men
How-to Prevent Hair Loss

      Lately, I’ve had many clients ask me what products to use to encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss (especially clients who

Mark Cuban
Selfie With Mark Cuban

Hello PRESS Friends, What would you do if you met Mark Cuban? Among many of our young professional male guests who visit PRESS Men’s Hair

new years resolution ducks hockey date

Dearest PRESS Friends, 2016 has finally come! And what better way to observe the coming of the new year than with a bit of history!