How to Deal with Cowlicks

cow lick press mens hair

cow lick press mens hair

Hello PRESS Friends,

Today I thought I would talk about something a lot of our clients worry about…But they don’t need to!! A cowlick is the black sheep section of hair that grows in the opposite direction against the entirety head of hair and is difficult to comb in your preferred way. If you have one (or more!), you certainly know it, and most likely hate it.  Cowlicks can live anywhere – at the crown, in the nape, in the front hairline, and sometimes in multiple areas.

So what are the best ways to deal with these disobedient growth patterns?  The answer depends on your natural hair texture, your desired style and where your cowlicks live. Below are a few solutions on how to control unruly swirls according to two most common natural hair textures. I personally prefer to control cowlicks by using specialized cutting techniques rather than slapping on heavy products.



  • Front hairline cowlick– some hairlines are thin enough to just shave off, while cowlicks with a wider base are more suitable with shorter length.  The best hairstyle is something that is choppy, styled messy and undone.
  • Crown cowlicks –  it is best to keep this area short as length will keep it popping out of the head.
  • Nape cowlicks –  keeping this area tapered or tight fade is works in  almost all cases!



  • Front hairline cowlick –  depending on which direction the cowlick grows, it is best to have the haircut and styled in the same direction.  In other words, let the cowlick dictate which direction to style the hair.  Length is more favorable for this hair type of hair since short, cropped hair will encourage the cowlick to pop back up (yes, even with product).
  • Crown cowlicks –  keeping length in this area is best as well in order to add weight and keep the hair flowing in the desired direction
  • Nape cowlicks – there is room for versatility in this area – both long length or tapered short hair will work great.


In conclusion, cowlicks are a unique growth pattern of hair that should be paid close attention to when headed to your hair salon.  Sometimes embracing it is the best thing you can do for your hair and yourself!  A great stylist will use specialized techniques to detail this area so that it flows with a hairstyle.  A smooth transition is what separates a skilled stylist from a mediocre one… And you know we’ve got you covered!

So bring on the cowlicks!

Yours Truly,


Vaan Sheahan

(Founder of PRESS Men’s Hair)