Barbershop Vs. Salons

Marina Scissors over Comb Men's Hair Cutting

Hello & welcome to PRESS Men’s Hair,   Barbershop Vs. Hair Salon: What’s The Difference? When we think of a Barbershop and a Hair Salon, most would immediately think men vs. women.     This is not true because both places serve both men and women.  So what then is the difference? Here’s my take […]

Best ways to manage & get more styles out of your Hair

Hello PRESS Friends, I had a client today, whom I have been seeing for some time now.  He is a successful Asian man in his mid 20’s.  A particular young man who has high standards for everything.  He cares a lot about his looks.  He visits me every 10 days and is always very inquisitive […]


new years resolution ducks hockey date

Dearest PRESS Friends, 2016 has finally come! And what better way to observe the coming of the new year than with a bit of history! The New Year’s Resolution was an ancient tradition created by the Babalonians some 4000 years ago. They made promises to their God on New Years Eve to make improvements for […]


CALLING ALL MEN! (Free haircut??) PRESS is looking for 7 men who we can use as models for our Bumble and bumble education class. That means 7 lucky guys will get a FREE HAIRCUT from us! It will be a great time and YOU as well will learn a lot about how to style your […]


pizza party

That’s right, a PIZZA PARTY at PRESS! (Say that 5 times fast!) We are having a terrific time building a strong team, hosting educational classes, and most of all, meeting new clients and serving the coolest loyal ones. So big thanks to you (our awesome client) for your business. Just to say thank you, we […]


Hello PRESS Friends!   WHAT IF WASHING YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY IS BAD FOR YOU. AND SKIPPING A SHAMPOO CAN SAVE YOU 10% ON YOUR NEXT HAIRCUT? It’s undeniable that I love California and it is heart breaking to know that for the past few years it has faced its most severe drought. For this reason, […]