Donate Your Clothes: Celebrating Earth Day, everyday!

  In honor of Earth Day we are currently hosting a clothing drive.  We would like to invite you to bring in your gently worn clothing to our Donation Box at PRESS Men’s Hair. For this clothing drive, we are accepting clothing from all genders.  So please go ahead and pass the word to your […]

Hottest Men’s Hair Styles for Summer

Adding a bit of texture on top can take a dull classic crew cut and turning it into a modern looking hairstyle. We can create a hairstyle that is suitable for any hair type. Just check out our satisfied friends on this list of the hottest men’s hair styles for summer!  Finding your perfect haircut […]

Meet Elysa, PRESS Men’s Hair Stylist and Bumble & Bumble Network Educator.

  Hello PRESS Friends, I am beyond excited to finally have the chance to brag (just a little bit) about Elysa.  She is one of our top hairstylist, newest Bumble and bumble Network Educator and soon-to-be Salon Educator.  She is one of the best men’s hairstylist I know. Being from Albuquerque, New Mexico, she has […]

Who’s the man behind PRESS?

Hi Friends, My name is Dan Sheahan.  I am the co-owner of PRESS and this is my first blog, hello cyberspace! My true passion is in men’s grooming.  I’d like to thank our loyal guests for your business and referrals.  And a bigger thanks to our talented team of hairdressers – who’ve served over 25,000 […]

Sunday Fundays at PRESS

Hello PRESS Friends,   Sunday Fundays Serve a totally different purpose for me now. It’s not the kind of Sunday where you bar travel aimlessly around Newport all afternoon long, sometimes until the sun goes down. Now, every Sunday, rain or shine, you will find me at the salon sharing my knowledge about men’s haircutting. […]

Give Back

Hello PRESS Friends, Every June, I look back to see how we did the year before, and this year I have to say, is another fantastic year of success. Along with growth were challenges we had to face, but those opportunities made us stronger than ever. To pay gratitude, Dan and I thought long and […]

How and Why to Use a Blow-Dryer

Hello again Friends! Today I’d like to blow you away with a pair of tools that so many of us (men AND women) should always have on hand, but often forget to use. So why are two of the most important styling tools in the men’s hair world – becoming almost obsolete? Among any of […]


Key to Happiness

  Hello PRESS Friends, My client Hector and I were discussing the great question, “What really gives us happiness in life?” Is it money? Fame? Success? I watched this video and it got me thinking and nodding my head going, “Oh my gosh, he’s right!” A Harvard study that’s been going on for over 75 […]

How to Deal with Cowlicks

cow lick press mens hair

Hello PRESS Friends, Today I thought I would talk about something a lot of our clients worry about…But they don’t need to!! A cowlick is the black sheep section of hair that grows in the opposite direction against the entirety head of hair and is difficult to comb in your preferred way. If you have […]

How-to Prevent Hair Loss

How to Prevent Hair Loss Men

      Lately, I’ve had many clients ask me what products to use to encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss (especially clients who are noticing hair loss). With my two decades of experience in the hair industry, I have not yet been wowed by any particular hair product that helps with hair growth. […]