Stiff Men’s Asian Hair: How To Get Different Styles



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Struggling with your Asian hair type? Want to know how to get many different variations of hairstyle?Let’s face it, with distinct characteristics, Asian hair has its limitations.  When I say Asian hair, I am actually referring to anyone with bone-straight, rigid and disobedient hair. Because the hair has no flexibilities and sometimes too heavy or limp, Asian men are left with one of two options, Daniel Craig short or Bruce Lee long.

If you’re classified in this unique category, there is still hope for you. As long as you’re open-minded and willing to try something untraditional, you will free yourself to many more hairstyles. Why fight with your hair on a daily basis. Here are 3 simple solutions:

1. MAN WAVE IT. Men have every right to get a “man wave” too if he likes. Permanent waves are no longer reserved for women, it never was. It has come a long way. This is a chemical treatment done to change the structure of the hair to give it wave and body to your flat hair. Consult your hairstylist, do not try it at home. We will be adding this service our menu in the near future. Give us a little push and let us know you’re interested.  You might just see it on our menu sooner than later.

2. COLOR IT. Believe it or not, coloring or lightening the hair, in this case, makes it better. Let me explain. It is absolutely true that chemically treating the hair is damaging to its integrity. To put it simply, during the coloring process, chemistry happens, the hair cuticles open up, color pigments break down and hair color gets either deposited or lifted. The result of a chemical process will leave the hair feeling rough and light weight (which some might say is damaging).  In my opinion, what’s the point of perfectly healthy hair if it doesn’t allow for easy styling? I would opt for rough and light, “damaged” hair any time.

3. TOOL IT. There are several different tools to use to get that slight movement in your hair. The good old curlers that your wife or mother has in her cupbie. Grab a few of those and roll them into your towel dry hair and let it air dry. Or try the mini flatiron on dry hair and give it a subtle turn to get that natural S shape in your hair. And lastly, a small curling iron or rod used on dry hair will do the job too.

Hope these ideas will help ease your frustrations and remind you that you are not stuck with what you have.  If you have decided to try one thing above, let me know.  Write a comment, shoot me an email or give me a call at the salon.  Would love to hear from you.

Yours Truly,

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