CALLING ALL MEN! (Free haircut??)

PRESS is looking for 7 men who we can use as models for our Bumble and bumble education class. That means 7 lucky guys will get a FREE HAIRCUT from us! It will be a great time and YOU as well will learn a lot about how to style your hair. We also need one in particular who needs a FREE haircut that will be done by Bumble and bumble’s network educator, Nicholas! The requirements (for the haircut only) are that you have at least 3 inches of hair all around and are willing to remove some length. It is FREE and will be lots of fun! To compensate for your time you will receive free Bumble and bumble products. It will be for Thursday, August 20 so if you are interested PLEASE give us a call at the salon 949.274.9995 and ask to speak with Jess. Hope to see you soon!

PRESS Men's Hair


  1. There was a hair salon that was doing men’s haircuts for free the other day. It was nice because I just sent my husband over there to get his hair cut. The salon had a bunch of students that came in for their job shadowing and so they made an announcement to let people know.

    • Hi Laila,

      That is great!! Hope your husband got a great haircut. I think it’s a great opportunity to get haircuts from students who are being supervised by experienced teachers because you know you’ll be in good hands. Keep in touch and thank you for reading.

      Yours Truly,

      Vaan Sheahan

  2. Over the years men’s hair styles have changed drastically. Some that worked and some that, well, are questionable. However, what are the 100 Best Hair Styles for men in 2015?

    • Hi Brandon,

      So sorry for the late reply. I am happy to hear you find my tips useful. I hope you have been receiving haircuts that you want and love. Keep in touch and thank you for reading.

      Your Truly,

      Vaan Sheahan

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